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To convert checklist items into cards automatically, is a pretty convenient thing to do. You will save more than one click with this automation. It might be not the most standard procedure – but for particular workflows and for special checklists it can come in very handy.

To have a checklist item converted into a card can happen in almost any board setup.

One thing to be aware of, is that the checklist that will hold the checklist items to be added, already needs to exist. The checklist’s name needs to be mentioned in the command itself (see below).


Why would you want to convert a checklist item into a card?

Well, there can be a handful of reasons for it.

Checklists are great for its ability to check off tasks from a list.


But what, if you would want to add some comments to a checklist item? – You can’t.

What, if you would want to add a due date to a checklist item? – You can’t.

What, if you would want to add an image, a pdf, or a URL to a checklist item? – You can’t.

What, if you would want to collaborate on that task, invite a team member and share this particular item? – You can’t.


When you convert a checklist item into a card, all these things become possible.

How To Convert Checklist Items Into Cards

I’ve got 3 easy use cases for you.

If you want to use any of these commands, simply write these lines into a new card in your Butler list, and replace the placeholder text “XXX” and “YYY” with the name of the checklist and the name of the card. (case-sensitive!)

This is the most basic version of a command to convert a checklist item into a card.

Moments after a new checklist item is added to an existing checklist, this checklist item is converted into a card.

convert checklist items into card Trello workflows
convert checklist items into a card linked card bi-directional link Trello workflows inspirITing

With this command, you would convert checklist items into cards and create a bi-directional link between each item and the card created from it.

The link in the card will appear in the description part of the Trello card. Clicking upon that link will bring you to the card that holds the checklist. If this card contains more than one checklist, you may have to scroll down to find the appropriate list and item.

The checklist item itself will also turn into a link. Clicking upon it, will bring you directly to the card created from it.

More often than not, you don’t want the newly created card to show up in the same list as the checklist card.

By specifying a target list in the command, you can determine where your newly created (and linked) card should appear in your board. You can also say if you want to have it at the top of the list.

If you are happy to have it in the bottom, just remove the sequence “the top of” in this command.

convert checklist items into linked card in new list trello workflows inspirITing


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