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Best to use when you have a very busy board with lots of cards that get archived. Or, you want to collect archived cards from multiple boards and love the idea of seeing what was archived in a structured way.


I have had the idea of creating a repository board for archived cards when I worked on the Workflow Kit for a Project-Master board system. I wanted to create a web of boards that are tangentially connected. The Master board would be like a dashboard, collecting open/due tasks from several individual boards. Whereas the Archive board, would store all those tasks that were completed and could be archived.

Here is how it works:

repository archive board

It depends how busy the archive board gets and how often you want or need to check back on your archived cards. There are 3 different options you can use for your repository archive board:

3 Approaches for a Repository Archive Board

Option 1:

You archive your cards in a monthly list. — A new monthly list is created every month on the first day and placed in position 1 on the board. Automatically, all cards that get archived, are copied over into this list.

You can, of course, have cards collected from multiple boards into this repository archive board.

Option 2:

You archive your cards in weekly lists. — At the beginning of each week, a new list with the week’s number will be created and copies of archived cards are automatically moved into this list and stored there.

Over time, you will end up with many lists within this board. That’s when option 3 comes in handy.

Option 3:

You archive your cards in weekly lists, which will then be transferred into a monthly list at the end of each week. — Such a setup will significantly reduce the number of lists in a board . Nevertheless, it gives you the convenience to see every week what has been accomplished.

Alternatively, you could make the transfer into a monthly list happening at the end of the month, transferring the cards of all weekly lists into one monthly list. But the command will need attention to details since a new month does not always starts on a Monday.

Would you rather not use a board for your archived cards? If there isn’t so much to archive for you, maybe a repository archive list for archived cards works better for you? Or, how about the smallest version in this setup, an simple card with checklists that store links to your archived cards?

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