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Best to use when you have quite a busy board, and want to keep the option of seeing when a particular card/task was archived and maybe keep access to it.


I came up with this idea when brainstorming about a new Workflow of the Month that I regularly publish on my Patreon page.

It’s not that you cannot access archived cards. You can.

But it can take some time until you scrolled through the long list of your board’s activities. And I figured it would indeed be nice to have a shortcut in place.

How to Create a Repository Archive List

As a starting point, I created a new list that I called ‘Archive’ and set up a repetitive task that creates a monthly card and automatically adds an empty checklist “Monthly Archived Cards” to it.

I then created a command that would add a new checklist item to this list that gets the name of the archived card along with a date stamp.

In a more sophisticated version (version 2) of this repository archive list, I created a link between the checklist item and the archived card. This way, you would then only have to click on the link should you want to access the archived card once more.

I can also think of additional features for this setup.

Let’s say you share a board with a few people, and you would like to see which user has actually archived the card. This information could be appended to the checklist item.

Or, you could add the exact time of when the card was archived.

Or, …

Do you feel like a repository archive board would work way better for you? Find out whether such a setup would be beneficial for you and how it works.

Or, maybe, you need it a number smaller and want to use just one single card that stores all your archived card links? In this article, I am laying out the command and how to integrate this little productivity helper into your Trello board.

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