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Best to use within a moderately busy board. There is not too much going on, but you appreciate the opportunity to see what went off.


It is somewhat similar to how the repository archive list is working.

However, due to a restriction within Butler for Trello (you cannot add checklists out of nowhere to a card; it needs to be pre-created and added to the command card), we cannot work with monthly checklists for this card. We’ll use only one instead but will make it obvious which checklist item was added last.

How to Create a Repository Card for Archived Cards

To create such a repository card for your archived cards, we will first add a new card “Archived Cards” and manually add a checklist to this card. I named this checklist “All Archived Cards”.

repository command card for archiving cards inspirITing

With this command, you can actually trigger the setup process of a linked checklist item to the archived card:

I said before, that there is a way to make it more obvious to spot in this repository card which cards were archived last.

We achieve this by reversing the chronological order of the checklist items. The last added checklist item (=archived card) will be moved to the top position of the checklist. This way, you wouldn’t have to scroll down the entire checklist. You could see at a glance what has happened on the archiving front.

repository card checklist example inspirITing

Of course, a single card in a list can seem like a waste of space in a busy board. But have you ever pondered about a creating a dashboard with several metrics or reminders (e.g., Dashcards) stored in the first list on your board?

Then you may also appreciate the idea of having a card that stores links to your archived cards.

It’s convenient. You’ll save time. And gain control over things you didn’t know you have control over.

Do you feel like a repository archive list or a repository archive board would work way better for you? Find out whether such a setup would be beneficial for you and how it works.

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