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When you have a checklist for your weekly (or monthly) tasks, you want to make sure you don’t have any incomplete checklist items at the end of the week. Checklist hide behind a card. Thus, they are easy to oversee.

With this little workflow, you can convert incomplete checklist items into cards and have those cards moved into a place on your board, where they get your full attention.


If you have a static list of tasks to do for each week, you can check those items off as you go.

Sometimes, we get involved with other things and forget those routine tasks.

This little workflow does two things:

First, it converts incomplete checklist items into cards and moves them into a list where they are easy to spot for you. For instance, you could schedule this conversion to happen for a Thursday morning. Then you have two more days to get them done.

Second, it resets the checklist at the end of the week. All those tasks that you already completed during the week, get unticked again. Ready to go for the next week.

Convert Incomplete Checklist Items into Cards

Part 1:

incomplete checklist items convert into cards weekly monthly chore Trello workflows inspirITing

You can choose any day of the week, when you want to have those incomplete checklist items converted into cards. In this example, I have chosen Thursday.

Replace the placeholder “XXX” with the checklist’s name and “YYY” with your target list’s name.

Adjust the label name and/or color. Or, if you don’t want to use labels, remove the sequence “and add a red label “Urgent”“.

Part 2:

incomplete checklist items reset checklist weekly monthly chores Trello workflows inspirITing


To get a fresh start into the week, you want to reset the checklist for your weekly due tasks.

To reset the checklist, you will also have to add this command into your Trello board.

If you are using a monthly checklist, replace the sequence “every Sunday” with “every month on the last day” in this command. This will do.

There are quite a few things you can do with checklist items in Butler for Trello. In this post, I am giving a brief overview into 3 basic ways to convert checklist items into cards.


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