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Would you like to stay in the loop when someone you share a board with makes a comment on a card? With this little workflow to track user mentions across boards, you can have your own little notification card that does just that.


The command I am using in this example, is a cross-board command, meaning that two Trello boards are involved. A comment made in one board by a particular user, is sent into a second board.

Of course, you can not only track user mentions across boards. You can also use such a tracking in a single board setup. If that’s your preferred choice, simply remove the sequence ‘on board “ZZZ”‘ in this command.


Track User Mentions Across Boards


That’s the command you can use to track user mentions across boards.

command card to track user mentions across boards cross-board Trello workflow inspirITing

Make sure you replace the placeholders in this command:

– @XYZ with the username you are going to track,
– XXX with the card’s name that collects the tracked comments,
– YYY with the list’s name that holds the tracking card,
– ZZZ with the (dashboard’s) board’s name. – That’s the target board, where the tracking happens.

Here’s how the tracking comment would look like with the command above.

collect mentions across boards cross-board Trello workflow inspirITing

First comes a date and timestamp along with the comment being made.

The second row contains a link to the original card – just in case you would want to reply quickly.

The card itself gets a red notification icon when a new tracking of mentions happens.

If that’s not enough for you, you can, of course, also have a label pop up, or a sticker. Simply adjust the command with something like ‘and add a red label to the card’. That should do it.

track user mentions across boards cross-board Trello workflows inspirITIng

Be aware, that this is a push-workflow, not a pull-workflow. This means, you will have to add the command to every single board, from which you want to track mentions.


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